Want to get a glimpse at how sustainable you are as an individual?

Take our comprehensive, 60-question Personal Sustainability Quiz to find out.

Sustainability tailored to you, the sensible way.

Personalized, interactive quiz not about the world, but you.


Assess your sustainability level across different life dimensions (e.g., health, finance, lifestyle).


Centered around your actions and beliefs, rather than your textbook knowledge about the world.


Fun and simple, with your sustainability score and suggestions given at the end of the quiz.

Some Quick Rules

That you might want to know before taking the quiz.


Quality first

The quiz is untimed, so the more the questions are read carefully and answered honestly, the better.



All questions are based on a 5-point scale, with the final score presented as a percentage.


No prep required

The quiz is very much centered around you, so reading a bit probably won't help.