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My name is Thomas.

And this is my online home,

where we take the concept of sustainability to the many different areas of human endeavors.

Network of sustainability-related goals

Sustainability Thoroughly Explored

From individuals to communities, small to large


Sustainable living, art, music, hobbies


Modernization, bonding, culture, morality


Consumption, pollution, water, waste management


Agriculture, energy, transportation, technology


Economics, policy, social system, cultural system


Minimalism, meritocracy, pseudo-progress, self-sufficiency 

The goals?

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  • To help you live a life of freedom and harmony
  • To nurture strong and resilient communities
  • To foster more sustainable organizations
  • To prevent macro-scale catastrophes

So if you are...

  • Running a lifestyle you can't afford
  • Suffering from health crisis
  • Depressed and frustrated about life
  • Feeling unproductive and scattered
  • Feeling out of biological alignment
  • Guilty of your societal role
  • Surrounded by people hindering your growth
  • Yearning for a more sustainable way of life
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then this place can help.

Featured Resources

For a start, here are some resources you might want to check out.

Eight nodes and connections between them

A 10,000-foot overview of the sustainabilitist philosophy (and its surrounding principles)

Network of resources

Materials, books, courses and audiovisuals that explore sustainability in all its facets

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A comprehensive quiz which assesses how sustainable you are as an individual

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A journey of a more sustainable life starts with a first step.

Start with our Introduction Series and see how the sustainabilitist approach can help you restore your health, regain your freedom and save the world.